Dear Readers,

I haven’t postet anything the last weeks because I had so much work to do for my study. As some of you asked me to tell you about it I said I will post someday. So here it is! A post about my study and how I like it so far.

The first semester has ended one week ago and I’m still sure that it’s absolutely the right thing to do for me. Of course it is a lot of work but if it feels right and you’re having fun it isn’t that bad. Well, the most interesting thing to do (and the most work) about this semester was the fashion object we should create. The topic was knit, so we all had to learn knitting. I will post the photos of the shooting (as you can see on the picture) soon. Other things we had to do were for example to create a book with a special color as topic, a completely self invented photo shooting, to sew a skirt and so on.

I’m very happy with my choice to study at the “Akademie Jak” and I’m very excited what is coming up next. If you are more interested in all of this feel free to comment or write me an email. What else to say?

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Wish you all a wonderful evening honeys!

xx Ali Avenue

10. April 2013         0 Kommentare         Fashion Design Study

IMG_1296 Kopie
leo2black trench coat – h&m men //leopard body – vintage// denim overall – vintage guess// boots – jeffrey campbell

Hey guys,

this is what I wore today… I found some good old pieces in my closet like the leopard body which I got from my mum someday. I’m just playing a bit around with reinventing these old pieces. You will definitely see more old clothes in the upcoming posts. Have a lovely thursday evening!

xx Ali Avenue

14. März 2013         3 Kommentare         Outfit

IMG_1279 Kopiefaux fur collar – vinage // bustier – urban outfitters

I recently found that beautiful faux fur collar in a vintage shop here in Hamburg. I fell in love with it right away because it goes so well with my purple hair. How do you like this piece?

xx Ali Avenue


12. März 2013         0 Kommentare         New in